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"More Than Meets the Eye. Part 1"

Транскрипция серии

Written by: George Arthur Bloom
Transcribed by: Dark Angel
Email all questions to Darcerin@hotmail.com

More Than Meets the Eye
Part 1

Narrator: Many millions of years ago, on the planet Cybertron, life existed.
But not life as we know it today. Intelligent robots, that could think
and feel, inhabited the cities. They were called Autobots and Decepticons.
But the brutal Decepticons were driven by a single goal: total domination. 
They set out to destroy the peace-loving Autobots, and a war between the 
forces of good and evil raged across Cybertron, devastating all in its path,
Draining the planet's once rich sources of energy. 

The Autobots, on the verge of extinction, battle valiantly to survive...

<Wheeljack comes up through a grate in the floor. He pulls up Bumblebee,
then starts to pick up the conductors he was carrying.>

Wheeljack: There's not enough energy in these conductors to last a quartex.

Bumblebee: Well, at least we found these, Wheeljack. 

Wheeljack: And when these run out?

Bumblebee: Can't worry about that now. Hey, let's get back to Iacon.

<Wheeljack transforms>

Wheeljack: Load up!

Bumblebee: I'll bet Optimus Prime'll be glad to see us. {Gets inside Wheeljack}

{A few minutes later, Wheeljack goes down a street}

Wheeljack: We're nearing the bridge to Iacon. One megamile to go.

Bumblebee: Ah, home sweet home!

<Wheeljack looks up ahead>

Wheeljack: Uh oh, a Decepticon welcoming committee.

Starscream: Autobots! Stop them!

<Fight begins. Bumblebee gets out and starts firing.>

Bumblebee: Prime told me there'd be days like this!

Wheeljack: <still in his car mode, chuckles> And you didn't believe him?

Bumblebee: I do now!

Wheeljack: We've got to get these energy conductors back to Iacon!

Bumblebee: I'm right behind ya! <transforms into his starship mode>

Wheeljack: <to Decepticons> Mind if I cut in? <shows buzzsaws>

<Wheeljack knocks the Decepticons out of the way.>

Starscream: After them! <He, Thundercracker, and Skywarp transform into 
their triangularstarship modes and fly after the two Autobots.
They fire on them and hit Bumblebee.>

Wheeljack: <Opening his rear door> Bumblebee, get in, quick! You all right?

Bumblebee: <groaning> Yeah, I think it's my rear axle.

Wheeljack: Well, hang on to your crank shaft, I'm shifting into overdrive!

{The Decepticons continue to fire on them, until the two Autobots go underground}

Thundercracker: They've gone underground, we'll never catch them now!

Sky Warp: We better report back to Megatron.


Wheeljack: Wheeljack to Iacon, we're coming in!

Soundwave: <secretly observing Iacon> Laserbeak, prepare for flight.
Destination: Iacon. Operation: Assimilation.

<Soundwave detects Autobots approaching>

Soundwave: Laserbeak, Autobot alert. <transforms>

<Jazz coasts past without noticing Soundwave>

Soundwave: Disclosure averted. Continue observation.

<Jazz enters Iacon and goes up elevator. Optimus Prime, leader of 
the Autobots, and Prowl greet him.>

Optimus Prime: Any luck Jazz?

Jazz: Negative. The other side of Cybertron's blacker than the inside of
a drive shaft.

Optimus Prime: <shaking his head> Unless a new supply of energy is found, nobody
is going to win this war.

Prowl: When do we start the search mission?

Optimus Prime: Soon as you're ready to launch.

<Back at Decepticon Headquarters, Soundwave reports to Megatron>

Megatron: If there's a new source of energy to be found, the Decepticons
must find it first!

Soundwave: Autobots are set to launch Megatron.

Megatron: As are we. Shockwave!

Shockwave: <transforms>

Shockwave: What is your command Megatron?

Megatron: You are to stay behind. I entrust Cybertron to you, Shockwave.

Shockwave: <salutes Megatron> Fear not, Megatron. Cybertron shall remain as
you leave it.

Megatron: Excellent! Now it's merely a matter of time until Optimus Prime 
admits defeat!

Starscream: The Autobots would have lost eons ago if I'd been calling the shots.

Megatron: Starscream, only a select few ever lead.

Starscream: My time will come Megatron.

Megatron: Never, never! Prepare to blast off!


<In the Autobot shuttle>

Jazz: All systems go!

Optimus: Ignition!

<The Autobots blast off. So do the Decepticons>

Soundwave: Contact.

Megatron: Blast off!

<They start into space. Prowl notices something on the screen.>

Prowl: Look.

Prime: What is it?

Prowl: An asteroid.

Mirage: There's another one!

Prime: They're going to collide!

<Asteroid collide, rocking the Autobot ship violently>

Ironhide: <his arm leaking> Leakin' lubricants!

Prime: Hang on everybody!

<Alarms sound on Decepticon ship>

Soundwave: Meteor shower! Meteor shower!

Megatron: We're- we're losing our power!

<Jazz falls out of his seat>

Prime: Jazz! Ironhide, man the laser gun!

Ironhide: Got it!

Prime: Fire!

<Ironhide fires, clearing a path through the space rubble.>

Megatron: Follow them! Follow them!

Prowl: Viewtrex report: we ARE being followed.

Prime: <grimly> Decepticons.

Soundwave: We have been detected.

Megatron: Stay with them!

Starscream: Let's just blow them away, they've seen us!

Megatron: No, I want to know what they're after. Prepare the tractor beam!

<Tractor beam locks on to Autobot ship>

Jazz: They've made a magnetic junction. I can't shake them!

Prime: Fire the laser!

Ironhide: Nothing. Power's used up.

Megatron: Release the boarding chute!

<Boarding chute attaches to Autobot ship>

Prowl: They're coming aboard!

Prime: Prepare for battle!

Megatron: Attack! Attack!

<Decepticons come aboard. Fight ensues. Suddenly the ship is 
rocked by unseen forces>

Prime: What's happening?

Prowl: G forces...they're dragging us down.

Prime: We're out of control!

<Ship enters Earth's atmosphere and crashes into volcano>

Commercial break

4 million years later

<Volcano explodes and Teletran 1 is reactivated>

Teletran 1: Explore, explore. {Sky Spy is sent out , takes holographic pictures of vehicles}

Teletran 1: Repair, repair. {Repairs Skywarp, turning him into a jet. Sky Warp brings
Megatron over to Teletran 1. He is repaired.}

Sky Warp: Megatron, my leader, we are alive again!

Megatron: Quickly, we must revive the other Decepticons

{Megatron and Sky Warp revive the other Decepticons. Then they all fly to a ledge near the volcano.>

Megatron: We are on a planet far from Cybertron. But our mission has not changed.

Sky Warp: How do we know Cybertron still exists?

Megatron: It must exist. And if this land is filled with resources, we shall return 
home with the power we need to build the ultimate weapon and conquer the universe!

<Starscream starts to shoot at the Autobot's Ark as rest of Decepticons start to leave.>

Megatron: Starscream!

Starscream: I'm just saying good-bye!

Megatron: Save your energy. The Autobots have taken their <chuckles>last flight.

Starscream: <continues to shoot before leaving> Thanks for the ride Prime.
Too bad you can't go the rest of the way. <shoots at rocks, which fall and
hit the Ark. Prime, inside, is moved by the vibrations into Telethon's repair light.>

Teletran 1: Explore, explore. <Skyspy takes a holographic picture of large trailer truck.>

Repair, repair. <Optimus is reactivated and stands.>

Prime: Thanks!


<Barren, rocky place sometime later>

Megatron: We'll set up here. These rocks will serve as our base of operation.
Soundwave, prepare plans for a new spacecruiser. Starscream, convert the area for construction.

Starscream: What about materials?

Megatron: Use your imagination!

Starscream: <turns to Soundwave> Well, any ideas?

Soundwave: <points to electric powerplant in the distance> There.

Starscream: Great. I'll need some help.

<Soundwave ejects Rumble.>

Soundwave: Rumble, activate pyledrivers. Operation: Destruction.

Starscream: Let's do it. <transforms into jet mode and flies to power station.
Rumble and Soundwave follow.>

<The Ark>

Prime: This new planet is rich with sources of energy. But the Decepticons
must know this too. So we must find them and stop them. Hound?

Hound: Right here Prime.

Prime: Scout the area. See if you can locate the Decepticons.

Hound: Just turn me loose Prime, I'll sniff 'em out.

Cliffjumper: I'm going too. I wanna boot some Decepticons right in his turbo-charger!

Prime: Easy Cliffjumper. Just find them; we'll deal with them later. 
<Hound and Cliffjumper transform> Good luck.

<At the powerstation>

Starscream: Some day I'll giving the orders Rumble, you'll do what I say.

Rumble: Look Starscream, Megatron is strong, he's merciless. He can't be beaten.
And you'll never be our leader.

Starscream: I will find a way. Everyone has a weakness.

Rumble: Yeah? Well not Megatron.

Starscream: We shall see. Now, shake things up a little!

<Rumble activates his Pyledrivers. Ground shakes and cracks, causing powerstation to topple.>

Starscream: I'm impressed.

<Hound and Cliffjumper driving along>

Hound: Sure is a lot different than Cybertron out here.

Cliffjumper: Don't fall in love with it Hound. We won't be staying that long.

Hound: You *smell* something Cliffjumper?

Cliffjumper: No.

Hound: I do. I think we just found the Decepticons. Follow me!

<Both transform and observe Decepticons from rocky hill>

I was right!

Cliffjumper: Let's get down there and bend some metal!

Hound: Ease off your throttle Cliffjumper. Remember what Prime said: just find them.

Cliffjumper: <looking down at Decepticons> What are they doin'?

Hound: Let's find out. <Taps his wrist and a small communication listening satellite pops up.>

Megatron: <Voice only> I will plunder Earth and steal its precious resources.

Soundwave: We can concentrate the energy into Energon Cubes and store them in the new space cruiser.

Megatron: <laughs> How ironic! By leading us to this planet, the Autobots
have sealed their own doom!

Hound: Cliffjumper! What are you doing?!

<Cliffjumper has pulled out and set up an enormous laser cannon.>

Cliffjumper: I've got Megatron dead center in my view finder! <He fires and misses Megatron completely>

Megatron: Who could be firing on us?

Sky Warp: Who even knows we're here?

Starscream: The Autobots!

Megatron: Impossible!

Starscream: They're the only ones!

Megatron: Soundwave, send Laserbeak to investigate.

Soundwave: Laserbeak, prepare for flight. Course heading: Northeast.

<Laserbeak ejects>

Hound: Now you've done it!

Cliffjumper: Let's burn rubber!

<Both transform and with a squeal of tires, start off with Laserbeak flying after them.>

Cliffjumper: What is that thing up there?

Hound: I don't know, but we can't seem to shake it.

Cliffjumper: Let's split up, it can't follow both of us.

Hound: Right, at least one of us will get back to Prime! Accelerator down!

<Hound and Cliffjumper take two different routes. Laserbeak and his rifle split up as well.
Laserbeak follows Hound, his flying rifle follows Cliffjumper>

Hound: Eat my dust, Birdbrain!

Cliffjumper: <to rifle> You couldn't hit an Autobot with a moonbeam! Try this,
it's a gas! <Cliffjumper's exhaust pipe fires gas. The rifle explodes>

Hound: You don't give up do ya? <Laserbeak shoots him and knocks him off the mountain road>


Commercial Break

<A little while later, Cliffjumper, Hauler, and Ratchet arrive at the sight.
Cliffjumper and Ratchet jump down to Hound. Ratchet is carrying Hauler's hook line>

Ratchet: Where'd they getcha?

Hound: <struggling> I-I think it's my-my drive train.

Ratchet: Can you transform?

Hound: I-I don't think so.

Cliffjumper: <as Ratchet hooks Hound up to Hauler's pulley line.> I'm sorry Hound.
It's my fault. I shouldn't have fired on Megatron.

Hound: <chuckles> You shouldn't have missed, you mean.

Cliffjumper: Huh? <realizes and laughs> Yeah, yeah right! Hauler pull 'em up!

<At a rock ledge>

Reflector: I can't believe the Autobots survived.

Thundercracker: Neither can Megatron. I thought he'd blow a fuse when he found out.
Hey, what's that? <spots a terran vehicle>

Reflector: Let's find out. <the three transformers that make up Reflector 
transform into a camera midair and lands in Thundercracker's hand.>

Thundercracker: Okay Reflector, let's see what you can see. <takes a several
pictures of the vehicle.>

Thundercracker to Soundwave, Thundercracker to Soundwave.

Soundwave: Proceed Thundercracker.

Thundercracker: Alien vehicle approaching. Possible Autobot.

Megatron:<to Soundwave> Release Ravage!


PowerStation Worker 1: I don't understand it Joe. Looks like a tornado hit this place.

PSW2: I don't like it. Something's wrong. Real wrong.

<Ravage watches them and growls. Then he attacks the men.>

PSW1: Look out!

<Both jump into truck and zoom off while Ravage growls and snarls after them>


<Back at the Ark. Hound is lying on a table being repaired by Ratchet while
telling about the "adventure" he and Cliffjumper had>

Hound: ...And that's all we heard Prime. They're gonna put the energy in 
some kind of cube, then haul it back to Cybertron.

Prime: Jazz, organize a battle unit. We're going after them.

<Minutes later, Jazz and some of the Autobots are outside the Ark.>

Jazz: Prowl! <Prowl and Cliffjumper transform into car mode>

Trailbreaker! <tranforms>

Wheeljack! <transforms>

Ironhide and Mirage and Sunstreaker! Sideswipe! <all transform>

Autobots, start your engines!

<They do. Jazz turns to Optimus.>

Ready Prime.

Prime: Let's roll. <He and Jazz transform and lead the way.>


Soundwave: Megatron, Laserbeak has returned. He has found a source of energy.

Megatron: Excellent.

<scene switches to an oil drill platform in the middle of the ocean>


<Several workers on the platform are working on a pipe,
including "Sparkplug" Witwicky, and his teenage son, "Spike".>

Sparkplug: Give me a hand, Spike. We gotta raise this bit. Flush it out.

Spike: Right Dad. I'll get the bailer.

Megatron: <flying above with his troops> Dive! Dive!

Sparkplug: Look! Up there! <Megatron lands>

ODPW1: What is it?

ODPW2: What are they?

ODPW3: Everyone c'mon! <throws a wrench at Megatron and hits him> C'mon! 

<Workers follow suite. Megatron picks up a large pipe and throws it down again.
It rolls away, knocking and forcing some workers into the water.>

<Rumble pushes Sparkplug against one of the platform walls. Spike intercedes.>

Spike: Stop! Leggo my dad!

<Rumble pushes Spike into the water. Sparkplug kicks Rumble away and jumps into the water.>

Sparkplug: Spike!

Megatron: Starscream, activate the Null Ray! Now!

<Starscream shoots at the platforms' windmill drill causing it to stop.>

Soundwave, prepare the Energon Cubes.

<Empty Energon cubes come out of Soundwave's chest. Thundercracker fills them with oil and Sky Warp compacts them.>

Starscream: We did it! We did it Megatron! The energy is ours! We can go back to Cybertron!

Megatron: You fool, Starscream! This is but a small fraction of the energy we need.
We must suck this planet Earth dry!

Starscream: <gasps and points to the sky behind Megatron.> IT'S THE AUTOBOTS!!

Megatron: Decepticons, transform! Transform! <He himself transforms into a very large futuristic gun.
Soundwave grabs him as the Autobots land and start firing.>

Megatron: Don't interfere Prime! < he transforms back into his robot mode, and he and Prime go a tete a tete.>

Prime: Give it up Megatron!

Megatron: The universe is mine!

<Several Decepticons and Autobots are seen fighting each other.
Then the Decepticons all grab stacks of Energon cubes and start to fly off.>

Megatron: So long Prime! Have a nice swim! <Fires at oil platform legs and destroys them. The platform tilts into the water causing Autobots and humans alike to fall in.>

Here's something to keep you warm!

<he shoots at the oil in the water, causing a fire.>

Sparkplug: <he and Spike are trapped in cage like debris in the water and calls
out as the Decepticons fly away.> Help! Help! We can't get out!

Spike: Somebody, save us!

Sparkplug: The fire! It's coming closer! <Optimus swims over to them and tries to lift the debris.>

Prime: <grunting> I...can't lift it...too heavy! Grab onto me! Keep your heads above water!


Narrator: In the next exciting episode of the Transformers, the Decepticons
create a tremendous tidal wave. Optimus Prime battles his arch enemy, Megatron,
high atop of Sherman Dam and Megatron discovers the ruby crystals of Burma,
all in the next exciting episode of the Transformers.

End Part 1

(c) Jell, 2000-2006
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