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"Starscream's Ghost"


1st Junkion: Hurry, hurry, hurry! Head on up and move em out! Come on down to Cybertron!
A day without scrap metal is like a breakfast without sunshine!

Octane: Hey, dont make this load too heavy! Last time I nearly sprung a cog tryin to get back to Cybertron!

1st Junkion: Cant please all of the people all of the time!

Galvatron: I want you to seek that traitor Octane! Stalk him and destroy him! I hate liars and double dealers! His brutal end shall serve as an example to all Decepticons of what will happen if they cross me!!

Octane: All right, thats enough! Lets get a move on!

2nd Junkion: The best to you each morning, Octane.

Octane: Hheh, Id probably be a jerk too if I was made of junk.
No, thats not it. A little more here... Yeah, thats better.
Whats that?
Oh, thank you, powers that be!
Sheesh! Whatve you been eatin?
Oh, thanks, gee, no, ah, ne-never mind, I just wanna be taken to Autobot City where Ill be safe!
Im tellin ya, the Decepticons are after me! I need protection!

Sandstorm: Whoa, you sure youre fully recovered from the explosion there, Octane buddy?

Octane: I heard a noise! I just wasnt watching where I was going!
There it is again! Were bein watched...

Sandstorm: Oh, Octane, now youre hearin things! Dont worry, its normal to be a little jittery! Gee, maybe you should head back for more extensive repairs!

Octane: Im fine!

Sandstorm: But you are an older model. You probably should start taking it a little easier!

Octane: Older model? Ill show you older! Watch this!

Blast Off: The traitor is getting away! Let me go after him!

Onslaught: No! Do not expose yourself! There will be other opportunities!

Sandstorm: Not bad!
OK, sure! You showed me, Oct buddy, now Ill show you. Eat my dust!
You ate it that time.

Octane: Oh yeeah?!

Sandstorm: They missed me!

Octane: Hh! Thats because they werent shootin at you! Theyre after me!

Sandstorm: Lets see.
No two ways about it! You gotta do somethin about your popularity!

Octane: What are we gonna do?

Sandstorm: Its probably too late to get warranty insurance.

Onslaught: Wait until he moves, then...

Octane: Hahahah! Eh-eat my dust!

Sandstorm: Ah, thats my dust!

Octane: Ehh! Its gonna take us forever to fuel up!

Skuxxoid: Its gonna be a bit of a wait, if you know what I mean! You might as well grab some grub! I love grub! Come on in! Sure! Oh, yeah, youre number 31, yeah, thats it.

Octane: Eeh, hows the food here?

Sandstorm: Eah, looks like the usual slop. High and static. The stuff always gives me surges.

Octane: For 20 % off, whatre a few surges?

Sandstorm: Right-o! Lets go!

Waitress: Heres your energon, tall, dark and metallic.

Octane: You know, sooner or later, theyre gonna get me.

Sandstorm: The Decepticons?

Octane: Yeah. Galvatron cant afford to let me live.

Sandstorm: Well, thats his tough luck, because Im gonna keep you around!

Octane: Believe me, I hope youre right.

Customer: Waitress!

Skuxxoid: Daoh! My gun!!

2nd Customer: A little heavy on the photons.

Skuxxoid: Oh no! Noo!!

Announcer: Number 27! Refuel is complete! Number 27!

Octane: I interfered with Galvatrons orders. I swiped Trypticon and tried to become powerful enough to become the new leader of the Decepticons!
He said Id never be welcome back in the ranks of the Decepticons. Galvatron vowed to get even.

Announcer: Number 29! Refuel is complete! Number 29!

3rd Customer: OK, thats it!

4th Customer: Im still hungry!

5th Customer: Oh, this? I picked it up on Mars!

6th Customer: You mean without a pattern?

7th Customer: Well, I thought the water was safe to drink!

3rd Customer: Is he with us? We gotta get movin!

Sandstorm: Wow! Say, you dont think hes givin up, huh?

Octane: No, I dont. But I wonder what hes gonna try next.

Skuxxoid: Yeeaaiiee! Take that, you overgrown tin can! And that! And that! I didnt want this job! I had to take it! Ive got a wife and kids! I have to deactivate you, cause I gotta make a living! Dont you understand?!

Octane: I only wanna hear one word from you: the name of the guy who hired ya.

Skuxxoid: Galvatron!

Sandstorm (Laughs): Looks like Galvatrons gettin a little hard up for troops!

Octane (Chuckles): Either that or hes got a vermin problem!

Sandstorm: Youll be safe on Cybertron.

Scourge: Excellent! That traitor is our ticket past Autobot security!

Cyclonus: I long for the day when well be able to attack honourably...
One clear shot, and we can all go home!

Octane: Oh no!

Cyclonus: Trap him in the corridor!

Scourge: Good plan, Cyclonus! We would be honoured if you would lead the assault!

Cyclonus: You will lead the attack, coward!
Hes over there!

Octane: Oh, ah, s-sorry, Thundercracker! Ill hide behind someone elses marker.
I know. Death comes to he who hides behind my marker! Listen, guys, Ive got a problem!
(Under his breath) Starscream!
Who is it? Come out, Sweep! I hope its a Sweep... Ah, whos that?

Starscream: Its your old buddy. Starscream!! (Laughs)
Just a shadow of my former self, dont you think?

Octane: Staarscreeeeeaaammm!!!

Starscream: Why, Octane, old friend. Im touched that you remember me! (Chuckles) Let me help you straighten yourself up!

Octane: No! Im fine! Im - Im fine!!

Cyclonus: He must be hiding in the crypt.

Scourge: Good! Then we wont have to take him anywhere when were done.

Starscream: Dont fear me, Octane. We have more in common than you might think. Help me get revenge against Galvatron, who put me in this somewhat insubstantial condition, and I will get you out of your mess.

Octane: Anything!

Scourge: You go down that shaft!

1st Sweep: How come I gotta do the dirty work?

Scourge: You see if the traitor is hiding down there!

2nd Sweep: No way! If youre so fired up to know whats going on, you go down there!

Scourge: You lead!!

3rd Sweep: I wouldnt want anyone thinking that I question you as a leader, but sorry...

Cyclonus: I question your leadership skills, Scourge. The last one in there will face me!
You have much to learn.

Scourge: Yes, it is true.

Cyclonus: Now dive!!

1st Sweep: No sign of life here!

3rd Sweep: No! Absolutely quiet as a tomb!

2rd Sweep: Gone. Yeah! Hes gone! (Breathes nervously)

Cyclonus: Cowardly fools! Fan out and search!
Come out and die like a warrior! How dare you disgrace your ancestors by cowering like a pocket computer!! Hes worse than the Sweeps!
Come out and face your fate like the powerful Decepticon you once were!
Not like the miserable excuse for a Decepticon you have become!
What are you gaping at?

Starscream: Its nice to have a body again! (Laughs)

Octane: Starscream! Is that you in there?

Starscream: Only my metal polisher knows for sure. (Laughs)

Octane: Uh! I had to be sure!

Starscream: Now make this look good! (Assumes Cyclonuss voice) I have captured the traitor.

1st Sweep: Hes captured the traitor!

2nd Sweep: Now. How do we get out of here?

Starscream (Cyclonus voice): We will take him back to Charr as a trophy for Galvatron. (Affects Dracula-like laughter) (Starscream voice) Now look scared, moron, or I will have to destroy you!

Kup: Sufferin software!
How the devild they get in here?

Octane: Theyve spotted us!

Starscream: Whatever would we do without a powerful intellectual like you along?

Sandstorm: Dont worry, Octane! They wont keep ya!

Starscream: Get out of the way!

1st Sweep: There seems to be something wrong with Cyclonuss voice!

2nd Sweep: Yes, he sounds like Starscream!

Scourge: No need to be insulting!

Starscream: You will suffer for that!

Silverbolt: Aerialbots! Attack!

Starscream: The Aerialbots are after us! Lets make a place to fight! 
Now thats my idea of a proper battlefield!

Silverbolt: Aerialbots! Transform and surround!

Rodimus Prime: Circle the Decepticons and dont let em out!

Starscream: Now look what you got us into!

Octane: Me?! I believe it was your bright idea to take this route!

Starscream: I dont remember you having any ideas at all - bright or otherwise!

Rodimus Prime: Now let Octane go.

Starscream: Octane is free to go.

Rodimus Prime: Starscream!

Starscream: Thats right. And if you want a bonus beyond your wildest dreams you will release us now!

Silverbolt: Whats goin on? Nobodys shootin!

Slingshot: It cant be anything good!

Rodimus Prime: Hold your fire!

Galvatron: I ordered this traitor destroyed!

Starscream: (Cyclonus voice) I thought Id leave the pleasure of deactivating the miserable traitor to you. Besides, he might have information about the Autobots!

Galvatron: Yees! We shall interrogate him. Even if its not informative, it will be fun!

Starscream (Cyclonus voice): Take this, you traitor!

Octane: Ouch! Aiee!

Galvatron (To himself): Aah! Thats one thing I will say for Cyclonus; he administers a good interrogation.

Octane: AAA! I will never tell! (To Starscream) Hey, you got pretty close that time!

Starscream (Giggles): You better before they discover your bad acting!

Octane (To Starscream): OK, OK! (Openly) Ill talk! Ill talk!

Galvatron: I have lived all my life for this day!

Rodimus Prime: Ready when you are, Galvatron!

Galvatron: We must fight honourably! Hand unit to hand unit!

Rodimus Prime: As you wish!

Galvatron: Had enough, Prime? Shall I end it for you quickly?

Rodimus Prime: Not quite!

Galvatron: Oohh! Down, but not out, Rodimus! I - ohh...

Octane (Mistakenly in Starscreams voice): So you think Galvatrons nothing but slag-iron now?

Starscream (Mistakenly in Octanes voice): Eheh, yeah! Weve seen the last of that sucker!

Galvatron: Seen the last of who, Cyclonus?

Starscream (Cyclonus voice): Eh, why er, no one really, sir. I - I mean...

Galvatron: You mean what, old friend?

Starscream: (Clears his voice up) Well, now who do you think I mean?

Galvatron: Starscream!!

Starscream (Laughs)

Galvatron: I shall enjoy destroying you even more this time than the last!

Starscream: Destroying me was a great disservice to all Decepticons!

Cyclonus: What happened to me? Last I remember I was in the Decepticon crypt and er...

Galvatron: I hope Ive seen the last of that miserable usurper! See that Cyclonus is properly repaired!

Starscream: (Affects Scourges voice) Of course, Galvatron. (Laughs)

The End

(c) Jell, 2000-2006