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"Triple Takeover"

Транскрипция серии

Written by:?
Transcript by: Dark Angel
Send all mail and transcripts to Darcerin@aol.com

<Starscream, Astrotrain, and Blitzwing are carving out their faces
(along with Megatron's) on a mountainside with their laser guns.>

Starscream: Nice work Astrotrain.

Blitzwing: But one head does not belong.

Starscream: Yes Blitzwing, one head has failed to lead us to victory over the Autobots.

Astrotrain: But this mistake will be corrected!

Blitzwing and Starscream: And soon!

<All three shoot and destroy Megatron's carving>

<Later, Blitzwing, Astrotrain, and Starscream are flying>

Blitzwing: I will lure Megatron into our trap!

Astrotrain: Why not let Starscream?

Blitzwing: Ha! He's been trying to dethrone Megatron for years.  He's a failure!

Starscream: Failure! I have not failed, I have just been waiting for the right time that's all. And the time is now! I will get Megatron! <Veers off in a different direction>

Blitzwing: Well, fooling him was easy.

Astrotrain: <laughing> No planet ever lost it's orbit underestimating the stupidity of Starscream.

<In a sewer>

Megatron: A secret Autobot power station...in a sewer?

Starscream: Straight ahead Megatron.

Megatron: We'll need reinforcements.

Starscream: <getting a little nervous> Reinforcements? But this is our mission Megatron, we don't need to share the glory. Unless...unless Megatron is afraid.

Megatron: <pushing aside Starscream> Rah! Megatron knows no fear!

<Starscream smiles to himself as he follows his leader. Suddenly they are shut in by two metal doors>

Megatron: You have failed again Starscream! It's a trap!

<gas begins to fill the room>

And this isn't energy, these are absolute zero degree molecules...<Megatron freezes>

Starscream: I know what they are Megatron, and a Decepticon who plans his escape, is hardly a failure. <he laughs as he tries to open the escape door.  It won't budge and a worried look comes over his face as he freezes>

<In another part of the sewer>

Astrotrain: <referring to the room Starscream and Megatron are in> Whoa, 470 degrees below zero in there. <He and Blitzwing laugh>

<A football stadium, a coach blows the whistle several times>

Coach: Block that pass, hit him, hit him! Lay him low!

<Blitzwing, in tank mode, comes crashing through the side of the stadium>

Coach: Kill! Kill! Kill!

Blitzwing: A battle simulation arena, an excellent base for Blitzing Headquarters!

<A football player who has the football comes running up to Blitzwing and stops in surprise>

Football player: Huh?

<Blitzwing aims his tank gun at the football player.>

Football player: Coach, it's a tank! What do I do?

Coach: Give him the ball!

<Football player throws the ball into Blitzwing's gun barrel. Blitzwing fires it.  It hits the scoreboard.>

Blitzwing: I win! <Goes over to coach and picks him up>  You the commander in charge?

Coach: I'm...the coach!

Blitzwing: No one fools Blitzwing. You are a great military strategist.  You will be my second in command!

Coach: Sorry, I've got a contract.

Blitzwing: Contracts, like traitors, are made to be broken.

Coach: Okay, okay, commander!

<A railway station. Astrotrain lands and transforms into his train mode on a track.>

Control room person: Huh? Track 9 shows an unscheduled train.  <Looks out the window> And there's no engineer!

<Astrotrain transforms into his robot mode>

Astrotrain: I declare this to be Astrotrain Headquarters!

Control room person: That's it! I'm retiring! Now! 

<runs into next room full of waiting, to be passengers>

Run! Help! Run for your lives!

<Astrotrain breaks through the wall, causing panic among the people. They quickly run out of the room>

Astrotrain: So who needs you spineless plasm-heads anyway?

<He goes back out to the rail yard and looks over the trains>

Astrotrain: This are my troops, but even soldiers need brains. Astrotrain can fix that. Soon you'll have the latest in computer controls.
<He tears out a computer from the control room.>

<Back at the stadium. Blitzwing stomps into the locker room, destroying a wall to get in. He has the coach with him, hanging by the whistle cord.>

Blitzwing: This is your new office. Now give me some military advice!

Coach: You don't understand Mac, I only know football plays.

Blitzwing: Tell me what's on your mind or I'll splatter it on the wall and see for myself!

Coach: Defense! Zone defense!

Blitzwing: Hmm, zone defense. <throws the coach into a locker.> You stay here at your desk. Blitzwing will return!

<About a mile out of the stadium, a large maze is being built by the Constructicons>

Scrapper: <at the maze talking into a radio> Scrapper calling Blitzwing, what is the purpose of this highway maze you ordered us to build?

Blitzwing: <in the stadium> It's a zone defense, you ignorant fool! Now get to work, or you won't get your share of the partnership I promised you! <to himself, but aloud at the coach> I need more strategy!

Coach: Ehh....uuhhh, the long bomb?!

Blitzwing: Thank you. <Transforms into his tank mode and laughs as he drives off.  He shoots a long bomb which hits a bridge. A human immediately falls in while driving. Autobot Grapple saves him.>

Blitzwing: Five points, at least! <Shoots the scoreboard.> I must thank my adviser for such great strategy. With the assault of my long bombs, I'll totally level this city in no time!

<Heading towards the stadium are Prowl, Tracks, Skids and Blue Streak as Blitzwing continues to fire.>

Prowl: Prime says the bombs are coming from inside the stadium.

Skids: We'll stop them at the ten yard line!

Scrapper: Autobots approaching. <He raises his gun> Assume attack position.

Blitzwing: <on radio> No Scrapper, let 'em through, let all the Autobots through! I want to take them on personally! <Scrapper obeys and jumps into the bushes.>

<Prowl and the other Autobots are quickly lost in the 'zone defense' the Constructicons have built. Blitzwing transforms from his jet mode to tank mode and devastates the four enemies. Blitzwing goes back to the stadium.>

Blitzwing: Autobots, worth 10 points each! <shoots the scoreboard four times>

<At the train station, the trains that now have computer brains, fall in at Astrotrain's command.>

Astrotrain: <Raising his left hand> Now repeat after me: We, the soldiers of the Astrotrain Empire will obey Astrotrain and scavenge the energy for his empire.

<The trains blare in response. Astrotrain transforms into his train mode and the trains follow him into a tunnel.  One train hits an electrical wire and continues to keep hitting it.>

Astrotrain: No, collect and process the energy! In your cars!

<Astrotrain sees a leaky oil pipe>

Astrotrain: Pull your transport cars up to the pipe and fill them with the oil!

<Another train hits a gas pipe>

Astrotrain: Good! Now, harness the gas!

<The trains collide>

Astrotrain: <sighs> It's hard to find good help these days.

<In the zone defense>

?: Scrapper, how big is our zone defense?

Scrapper: <working on the throne made out of Autobots> I don't know, all the others are lost in it. All I know is it's BIG.
And wait'll you see the new throne I built. It's really special.

<Powerglide flies above the zone defense at that moment>

Powerglide: Smokescreen, Hoist, come in! I've located the missing Autobots!

<Hoist and Smokescreen arrive at the maze and with the help of Powerglide's directions, make their way through it safely.>

Powerglide:Turn right! Another left! And dead ahead! Begin camouflage!

<Smokescreen, true to his name, revs around Scrapper, sitting on the throne, and causes a massive smokescreen, making his enemy cough and gag. Meanwhile, Smokescreen and Hoist rescue the other Autobots.>

Scrapper: Intruders, Autobots, help!

Blitzwing: More points for Blitzwing! <transforms into his tank mode> I'll find you Autobots, just watch out!

<At the railroad yard>

Thrust: Hey Astrotrain, how's your job working on the railroad?

Astrotrain: Show some respect from your leader!

Thundercracker: Leader? How do you figure that, Choo-choo brain?

Astrotrain: I've got the proof right here.

Thrust: Where are your so-called troops?

Astrotrain: Astroforce, fall in!

<Nothing comes out of the tunnel>

Astroforce! Come out and show your cargo!

<they all go back into the tunnel to find the trains piled atop one another>

Astrotrain: C'mon guys!

Thrust: Astrotrain couldn't lead rats to a garbage can! <the jets laugh>

Astrotrain: C'mon start your engines! Start your engines!

<One of the trains moves a little>

Astrotrain: Good, good! C'mon! <The trains start to really move now> Rev up, rev up! Collect the energon cubes, show them what your made of! <The train start off again> That's it! Faster! Faster you can do it! That's it! Yes! <The train starts towards a wall> Wait! No! Put on your brakes! No, STOP! That's a- <train hits a pipe> -water main.

<Enormous amounts of water shoot forth and sweep everything out of the tunnel. In the sewer, Starscream and Megatron are "defrosted" and swept away by the water also.>

Megatron: <trying to choke Starscream>You led me into this trap!

Starscream: I was tricked. The Triple Changers, they told me it was a power station!

<Megatron blasts a hole through the ground and flies out onto the road.

Megatron: <stepping on Starscream's hand holding onto the edge of the newly made pothole> You are either lying or you're stupid!

Starscream: I'm stupid, I'm stupid!

<They start to fly over the city. Ironhide, Optimus Prime, and Spike are watching from the ground>

Spike: Megatron and Starscream! They're back!

Optimus: And so is trouble.

Ironhide: Ya see Prime, we should have finished those Decepticons off when we had the chance!

Optimus: Maybe I can plug this leak. <makes his way over to the water main and shoots it, only causing more water to shoot out. Spike is swept away>

Optimus: Spike! <He reaches out for him> Here grab my- <another wave sweeps Spike further away>

Spike: Help me!

<Optimus begins to search the watery city for him>

Optimus: Spike! Where are you? <No response. He sees him under some heavy debris, semi-unconscious. Optimus pulls the debris away and transforms into his trailer-truck mode, putting Spike in the cab. He starts his air conditioner. Spike awakens.>

Optimus: How's that for air-conditioning pal?

<Powerglide flies by and lets down his rope ladder. Optimus transforms again and lifts Spike up to the ladder>

Spike: <On ladder> Thanks Optimus! 

Powerglide: <flying by a flooded office building> Hey Trailbreaker, all this water's beginning to dampen my day.

Trailbreaker: Not to worry, my forcefield will steer it away. <activates forcefield. Water level goes down>

Powerglide: Hey not bad, we got our own river, too bad it's so polluted.

<Optimus and Ironhide go to the water main>

Ironhide: A little supercooled nitrogen oughtta patch it up. <shoots water main, stops the water>


<Blitzwing continues to give himself points on the scoreboard, until the Contructions come through the wall and destroy it>

Scrapper: Victory is ours!

Blitwing: What do you mean 'ours'? You broke my scoreboard!

Scrapper: We built your maze! Now you keep your part of the bargain!

Blitzwing: What bargain?

Scrapper: You promised us a partnership in leading the Decepticons.

Blitzwing: Tell you what guys, why don't you go build a bridge? And jump off of it!!

Scrapper: Constructicons, transform into Devastator!

<Devastator is formed>

Blitzwing: Hey, no offense big guy!

<Train station>

Megatron: Is that you Astrotrain?

<Optimus and Ironhide enter>

Optimus: I was just about to ask you the same question Megatron.

Megatron: Prime! Out of my way! <shoots at his foe>

Optimus: Don't waste your time Megatron. Incinerating you is of no interest to me. I'm looking for the leaders of the Decepticons.

Megatron: I am the Decepticon leader!

Optimus: You and Starscream are just a nuisance. A couple of metallic mosquitoes.

Megatron: Mosquitoes?! Then feel my bite! <fires at Prime. Prime and Ironhide transform and leave>

Starscream: Prime must be on overload, he-

Megatron: Shut up! The Triple Changers are my lunch, not his!

<They transform and leave. They follow Prime and Ironhide, and they are followed by Thundercracker, Thrust, and Dirge>

Thundercracker: I say Megatron will prevail!

Thrust: Three Energon cubes says you're wrong!

Thundercracker: Make it four!

Dirge: My money is on Devastator.

<In another part of town, Astrotrain floats by the roof where Trailbreaker is situated. Trailbreaker picks him up out of the water with his magnetic force beam>

Trailbreaker: Your friends are waiting for you.

<At the stadium, Prime stops while the Decepticons go inside>

Prime: <chuckling> I never get involved in domestic squabbles.

Ironhide: I think we'll need a program to follow the players.

Devastator: <fighting with Blitzwing> Once we hear victory music-

<Half of the stadium wall is destroyed by the massive water overflow then, and Astrotrain comes floating in>

Blitzwing: Hey partner.

Astrotrain: <dazed> Huh?

Blitzwing: I could use a little help buddy.

Astrotrain: Yeah, sure, right after I settle the score with you! <shoots Blitzwing in the foot>

Devastator: You're next Blitzwing.

<Megatron and Starscream come in>

Megatron: Get this straight: I am Decepticon leader, you are recyclable!

Starscream: Well put Megatron.

Devastator: Constructicons are leaders too. Blitzwing promised. <Megatron fires on him> You try to hurt Devastator?! <He starts towards Starscream>

Starscream: Megatron is a wimp!

Devastator: So is Starscream.

Starscream: Yes, but I'm fast! <Quickly transforms into his jet mode and flies off.>

Blitzwing: We've got to ban together to stop Devastator!

Astrotrain: I'm with you guys! <Blitzwing fires at him>

Blitzwing: No, you're not, traitor!

Megatron: I see two traitors here! <Fires on both of them as Devastator knocks Starscream out of the sky.>

Astrotrain: Megatron, you're making a mistake.

Blitzwing: Starscream's the real traitor.

Starscream: Don't listen to them Megatron!

Megatron: Why not? Are they too close to the truth?

<Fire fight starts inside stadium. Ironhide starts towards it. Prime stops him>

Prime: No Ironhide, they're not shooting at us.

Ironhide: Oh sorry chief, I guess I'm just aching to sink my teeth into some Decepticon hide.

<After the firefight only Megatron is left standing>

Dirge: <flying above the stadium> What? You'll mix their molecules with the atmosphere.

Megatron: No, the Decepticon cause supersedes personal vengeance, but never forget that I, Megatron, will always be leader of the Decepticons.

<Every Decepticon flies off.>

Ironhide: I guess Prime was right, Megatron took care of the Decepticons for us.

Prowl: Yeah, but there's only one great leader in the universe. <the rescued Autobots form the throne> Have a seat boss.

Prime: Thrones are for Decepticons. Besides I'd rather-<transforms>-roll.

The End

(c) Jell, 2000-2006
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